Founded in early 2021…

AISHA ELLÉN GARMENTS envisions a world of freedom and bold expression, that through fashion and art we can come to connect with our deeper selves and those around us. We know that everyone is unique, our strikingly ambitious designs combined with authentic Aisha Ellén creations seek to do just that - to bring forth your most confident self. In each gown/silhouette you will be introduced by the passionate idea which has been brought to life by the designer herself. We encourage difference and push to help you feel different in the most noble way possible. AEG x

All garments are made ethically in Australia as we value the respected work and ideas of those around us. 

Featured & Participant in #WEWEARAUSTRALIAN21


Get to know the Designer/Founder 

“I would always purchase pyjama robes to dress up with my skirts or trousers to go about my day… Its the feeling of comfort combined with luxury which made me feel extremely graceful and happy.”

‘When I first put the hijab on, I experimented a lot and I didn’t find what was the best thing for me,’ she says. ‘So then I was like: why don’t I start making clothes?’ - Featured in The Guardian 

“If and when your ideas a line with your beliefs/ values there is no reason to betray your inner self. Your creative ideas should always be honoured upon.”

                               - Aisha Ellén